Bauer Thickness Planer Review 2023 – Planer to Easily Plane Wood

If you’re interested in purchasing the Bauer thickness planer but you aren’t sure if it will meet your expectations, we’re here to help! Knowing what you’re buying is very important, so getting informed before you make your final decision is a wise decision.

Unfortunately, trying to dig out the necessary info online on your own can often prove quite challenging. There is no shortage of confusing and incomplete info you’ll likely come across, and differentiating between what info is relevant and what is not can take quite a lot of time. Not to worry, though!

To save you from wasting time searching the Internet by yourself, we did the research in your stead. We also made sure to present you with all the info about the Bauer thickness planer in a user-friendly way so that you don’t have to struggle or get confused along the way.

You can quickly learn all you need to know about what the Bauer thickness planer is, how to use it safely, what its pros and cons are, and more. Let’s jump right into it!

What Is the Bauer Thickness Planer?

Before we start explaining what this planner’s pros and cons are and how to use it, we’ll go over what it actually is and how it works. That way, you’ll have a much better understanding of it and know whether it fits your needs perfectly or not.

The Bauer thickness planer is manufactured by the company named Harbor Freight Tools. This planer has a mighty 15-amp motor that works wonders when you need to smooth out your woodblocks or meet specific requirements for a project.

It is excellent when you need to save time and work quickly to smoothen the edge grains or reclaim old lumber pieces.

You can use this planer to easily plane wood for:

Furniture making
• Making wooden boxes, crates, and other wooden containers
• Making pallets
• Making wooden beams, planks, and other wooden products
• Making veneers

The planer is a must-have tool for almost any woodworker and DIY enthusiast since it helps you work in a much more efficient way than some of the others on the market. If you learn how to use it properly, you’ll be able to fine-tune your wood to a professional level even if you’re not a pro yet.

The Bauer Thickness Planer Pros and Cons – Is it Worth It?

Now that you know what the Bauer thickness planer is, it’s time to learn what its main advantages and disadvantages are. By learning the pros and cons before purchasing the product, you’ll be able to conclude whether this product is worthy, as well as whether its features will meet your requirements. You can take a look at the table below to find all the details:

Pros Cons
  • The blades of this planer are double-sided
  • The blades are also removable, so you can easily take them off when you need to
  • The planer can accommodate a block of 12-inch width
  • There is an adapter that you can use with the dust collector to attach a vacuum
  • There is also a removable safety key on the power switch
  • This planer can be very noisy
  • You can expect the handle to have some movement in it
  • Sawdust can be shot all over the place
  • If you want to keep a clean ambiance, you will have to add a coupler and hose to the shoot


If you’re still wondering whether the planer is worth it, the table above should help you make up your mind. If you’re looking for an answer from us, we would say that the Bauer thickness planer is definitely worth it.

If used correctly, it can help you get the job done much faster and more easily than some of the others on the market, which is always a plus. Also you can chacke difference betwen Pin Nailer and Brad Nailer because are a perfect tools for woodwokring DIY.

However, make sure you think things through and see whether this planer fits your needs perfectly before buying it.

How To Use the Bauer Thickness Planer Safely


It’s important to note that using a thickness planer can sometimes be dangerous if you don’t know how to do it properly. This is especially important for beginners and people who plan on using this tool for the first time.

To avoid any mishaps and injuries, there are some safety precautions one should take. Check out the list below to see how to use the Bauer thickness planer in the safest way possible:

• Wear Protective Glasses—It’s common for wood shavings to shoot and fall around when you’re using a planer. These shavings can sometimes hit your eye even if you’re keeping your distance, so it is advisable to always wear protective glasses when you’re working with a planer

• Use Noise-Canceling Headphones—The thickness planer is very loud and noisy compared to some other woodworking tools. If you don’t want to damage your hearing, it’s best to wear noise-canceling headphones even if you’re working for a short period of time

• Attach a Vacuum—If you don’t want wood shavings and dust to hit your eyes or make a mess of your workspace, it would be a good call to attach a vacuum along with your planer dust collector. That will help you avoid the previously-mentioned issues and work in peace

• Steer Clear of the Cutters—You shouldn’t ever touch the blades of your planer. Even if it’s turned off, touching the blades can result in small cuts since they are very sharp. If you need to remove or replace the blades, wear protective gloves and be super careful


The Bauer thickness planer can be a very handy and useful tool for any woodworker and DIY enthusiast.

However, before purchasing it, you should learn about its pros and cons to determine whether this tool is perfect for your needs. Luckily, you don’t have to waste any time searching for info on your own—our article provides you with all there is to know in only a few minutes! All you need to do is sit back, relax, and scroll!